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We believe in the joy that a new car brings to customers, it better identifies their values, their current situation, their mobility needs, and it projects more accurately their mood, social status and personality since they have been able to choose the brand and model that best fits their current reality.

As technology progresses, cars are becoming increasingly more environment-friendly, with new models presenting a 12% CO2/HP efficiency increase over their predecessors.

The lower emission levels achieved currently by manufacturers accompany lower fuel consumption levels and maintenance costs when compared to vehicles of the past decade.

Furthermore, new technologies have allowed for improved vehicle safety; active safety systems for accident prevention such as ABS and passive safety systems such as airbags which activate in the case of accident.  It is proven that this improved engineering is saving lives.

If a car saves a life it will certainly be worth its investment.

We must take into account that the automotive industry has a very important impact on the economy, 9% to 12% GDP in the majority of manufacturing countries.  Hundreds of thousands of people make a living in this dynamic sector, one of the most important investors in R&D related to technological alternatives to the internal combustion engine.

For all of these reasons, we strongly believe that shortening trade cycles to 3 or 4 years is a real benefit to society, enabling people to enjoy the use of a car, reducing toxic emissions and preserving nature, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, protecting lives and contributing to the necessary growth in economic activity.

We are passionate about the automotive industry, we love cars, we enjoy driving, we love the joy of a new car and our aim is to help as many people as possible to share this enjoyment, because we are absolutely convinced of its economic, environmental, social and emotional benefits.


We believe in the power of diversity.
We’ve seen what happens when people with diverse profiles and experience combine their unique talents to unlock bold new ideas.

Miller-Ingram is firmly committed to developing and leveraging diversity in all aspects of our business.

Results transform situations. We are actively committed to building a diverse, friendly and comprehensive environment. Miller-Ingram seeks, welcomes and values diverse people, diverse thinking and diverse situations for our business.

For more than a decade, Miller-Ingram has worked with car companies to ensure that dealers receive the highest level of training and the most efficient solutions available to improve sales and increase customer loyalty.


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